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Employment Terms & Conditions

Personal Particulars:
You will keep us informed of any change in your residential address, your family status or any other relevant particulars. You would also let us know the name and address of your legal heir/nominee.

Nature of Work:
Your nature of work mainly includes all the aspects of the (Duties and responsibilities) PHP DEVELOPER as well as any other ad-hoc duties assigned to you from time to time. You will work at a high standard of initiative, creativeness, efficiency and economy in the organization. The nature of work and responsibilities will be assigned and explained to you by your senior from time to time.

Working Hours:
The regular working hours of the company are from (Office timings) including 30 minutes for lunch break and 10 minutes for a tea break. You will be required to work extra hours as and when required and informed by your senior.

Late comings:
The Company follows a strict time schedule and late comings are discouraged unless otherwise notified by you in advance. Late marks will be accorded to you for every late entry with one day marked as absent for every three late marks.

Assignment, Transfer and Deputation:
Though you have been engaged to a specific position, the company reserves the right to send you on deputation/transfer/assignment to any of the company’s branch offices in India or abroad, whether existing at the time of your appointment or to be set up in the future.

You will hold yourself in readiness for any training at any place whenever required. Such training would be imparted to you at the company’s expense. Kindly note that refusal to participate in a training program without any extraneous circumstances would lead to automatic termination of your employment.

Performance Reviews/Appraisal:
The Company follows a policy of annual performance reviews, which are linked to performance incentives every year. You will be eligible for performance based incentives on the basis of your gross monthly salary on the basis of your performance during the previous year.

The Company also has a policy of annual salary appraisal based on performance. You will be eligible for a salary appraisal under this policy based solely on the performance ratings achieved during the previous one year.

Intellectual Property Right:
If during the period of your employment with us you achieve any invention, process improvement, operational improvement, or other process/method likely to result in more efficient operation of any of the activities of the company, the company shall be entitled to use, utilize and exploit such improvement and you shall assign all rights thereof to the company for the purpose of seeking any patent rights or for any other purpose. The company shall have the sole ownership rights of all the intellectual property rights that you may create during the tenure of association with the company including but not limited to the creative concept that you may develop during your association with the company.

You will not during the course of your employment with the company or at any time there after divulging or disclose to any person whomsoever including competitors and former employees, make any use whatsoever for your own purpose or for any other purpose other than that of the company, of any information or knowledge obtained by you during your employment as to the business or affairs of the company including development, process reports and reporting system and you will during the course of your employment hereunder also use your best endeavor to prevent any other person from doing so. Failure to do so on your part may result in legal action against you and the person to whom the information was divulged.

Access to Information:
Information is available on a need to know the basis for specific groups and the information is segregated to allow individual sectors information access for projects and units. Access to this is authorized through access privileges approved by unit mentors or project mentors. Unauthorized access or attempt at unauthorized access is strictly prohibited and any attempts to do so will result in immediate termination of employment and legal action as deemed fit by the company.

Restriction on Personal Use:
Use of company resources for personal use is strictly restricted. This includes usage of computer resources, information, internet service, and working time of the company for any personal use. You will under no circumstances carry any work home unless specifically requested by your manager. Any usage of company information for personal use will result in immediate termination of employment without notice and/or legal action for a misdemeanor as deemed fit by the company. You may/may not be required to reimburse the company for any losses incurred by the company on account of the personal use of company data.

You will be entitled to leave as per law in force and as laid down in the Standing Orders of the company. The company follows a strict time schedule and late comings are discouraged unless otherwise notified by you in advance. Late marks will be accorded to you for every late entry with one day of absence counted for every three late marks.

Security is an important aspect of our communication and office infrastructure. Communication security is maintained by controlling physical access to computer system, disabling all working stations, floppy disk drives and company-wide awareness about the need for protection of intellectual property and sensitive customer information. Whenever you’re working late hours, inform your parents/relatives/care-taker is your own responsibilities.

Termination of Service:
Either party can terminate this employment by serving a notice of one month on the other, save and accept that the company may at its option pay salary in lieu of the notice period to terminate employment with immediate effect.
Unauthorized absence or absence without permission from duty for a continuous period of 7 days would make you loose your lien on employment. In such case, your employment shall automatically come to an end without any notice of termination or notice pay.
You will be governed by the laid down code of conduct of the company and if there is any breach of the same or non conformance of contractual obligation or with the terms and conditions laid down in this agreement, your service can be terminated without any notice; notwithstanding any other terms and conditions stipulated herein the company reserves the right to invoke other legal remedies as it deems fit to protect its legitimate interest.

Standing Orders:
You will abide by the Standing Orders, rules & regulations and service conditions that may be in force or application to the organization or are framed from time to time by the company.

Appointment in Good Faith:
It must be specifically understood that this offer is made based on your proficiency in technical/professional skills you have declared to possess as per your application for employment and your ability to handle any assignment/job independently. In case at a later date any of your statements/particulars furnished are found to be false or misleading or your performance is not up to the mark or falls short of the minimum standard set by the company, the company shall have the right to terminate your services forthwith without giving any notice notwithstanding any other terms and conditions stipulated therein.

The above terms and conditions are based on the company’s policy, procedures and other rules currently applicable in India and are subject to amendments and adjustments from time to time. In all matter including those not specifically covered here such as traveling, retirement, etc. you will be governed by the rules of the company as shall be in force from time to time.

Private & Confidential.

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