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Discover how WP GDPR Pro can simplify compliance and enhance trust.
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June 16, 2023
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Plugin Features

Seamless GDPR Compliance with WP GDPR Pro: Cookie Consent, Data Protection, and Trust Assurance!

Solicit User Approval for Cookie Creation and Website Usage

Empower Users to Seek Data Access and Exportation on Demand

Simplify User-Initiated Data Removal & Account Deletion Requests

Efficient Frontend Tracking of GDPR Requests for Admins

Supported with Contact Form 7, WooCommerce, and BuddyPress

Ensure Prompt User Notification In Case Of A Data Breach

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Solicit Approval for Cookie Generation and Website Utilization

Before revealing the website content, our cookie popup explicitly requests user consent, ensuring compliance with EU GDPR regulations. It notifies users about the creation of cookies for data analysis and secures their agreement to review terms, conditions, and company policies before accessing the website.

wordpress cookie consent

Reach out to the Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Have queries or concerns about your data? Connect with our Data Protection Officer (DPO). Utilize the plugin to craft a user-friendly contact form for seamless communication with our DPO.

cookie consent for wordpress

Users Can Request Access to Their Data with Ease

Empower users with the right to formally request a copy of the information stored in our database related to their identity. This ensures individuals stay informed about their data and upholds transparency in our processes.

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Request Deletion of Your Data with Ease

Take control of your data with our 'Request Deletion' feature. Simply submit a request through our user-friendly form, and we'll swiftly process the removal of your data from our website.

gdpr cookie compliance plugin

Terms Acceptance for Both New and Existing Users

In the user registration process, new users must agree to the company's terms and conditions to successfully register on the website. Consent to the terms and conditions is a prerequisite for a smooth registration experience.Site admin can also enforce all existing users to accept the new Terms & Policies in order to login to website otherwise they are restricted to log-into the website.

cookie popup wordpress

Secure Submission of Forms

Our plugin enhances the security of all forms presented in various popups by integrating the Google reCAPTCHA API. This integration guarantees an extra layer of security and privacy for our users.

gdpr cookie consent wordpress

Impressive Popup Templates

Diverse selection of visually striking and captivating popup templates. Effortlessly customize these templates to gather user consent or convey vital notifications with a touch of professionalism and engagement.

Backend ScreenShots

Get an idea about plugin's backend settings & all the dynamic options available with help of below slider.

WordPress GDPR Compliance: Safeguarding User Data with Precision

Enhance GDPR compliance with customizable forms, streamlined data access requests, breach notifications, and robust security measures. Stay ahead in privacy regulations and foster trust with WP GDPR Pro.

Discover the Top Features

  • Easily gather user consent through customizable forms, enhancing GDPR compliance effortlessly.
  • Allow users seamless access to their data, empowering transparency and user control.
  • Enable users to request the deletion of their data, putting control back in their hands.
  • Promptly notify users in the event of a data breach, ensuring transparency and trust.
  • Set specific data retention periods, providing adaptability to diverse data management needs.
  • Efficiently manage GDPR requests from a centralized dashboard, streamlining compliance efforts.
  • Integrate with popular plugins like Contact Form 7, WooCommerce, and more for a cohesive user experience.
  • Collect user consent for cookies in strict adherence to GDPR regulations, ensuring privacy and compliance.
  • Users seamlessly accept Terms & Conditions during the registration process, promoting clarity and compliance.

Our Customer's Testimonials

This plugin goes beyond the basics, covering all the critical aspects of GDPR compliance. From simplified user data management to easy implementation of cookie consent, it's a game-changer for data protection of our website users.

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Argo Nott
Founder & CEO

Whether it's managing user data, obtaining cookie consent or facilitating a user requests, this plugin has it all covered. It's a must have plugin for user data protection. It ensuring that our website complies with GDPR regulations while maintaining a positive user experience.

User image
Oscar Lott
WordPress Developer

As a site owner, I appreciate the peace of mind that WP GDPR Pro provides, knowing that we're meeting all the necessary compliance standards effortlessly.

User image
Isla White
Founder & CEO

Ready to Simplify Your GDPR Compliance?

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