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Boost Form Engagement with Interactive Maps

Empower users to share precise locations and define service areas.
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CF7 Google Maps
June 16, 2023
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Plugin Features

Easily Gather Precise Location Data through Dynamic Map Integration for Contact Form 7

Embed Google Maps in CF7 Forms

Let users sketch areas or routes on the map

Empower users to pinpoint their location on the map.

Get emails with user input, including location details.

Download user's location as KML files.

Tailor map types, zoom, markers, and add Snazzymaps styles.

contact form 7 google maps

Simplified Maps Integration in CF7 Plugin

No coding needed—focus on crafting engaging forms effortlessly. To showcase a map on the CF7 form, integrate it seamlessly with other elements. You can designate it as a required field too.

cf7 google maps

Draw on Maps and Mark Your Location

Visitors can easily sketch on the map, marking areas or outlining routes. Perfect for gathering data on service areas, delivery zones, or travel plans.

contact form 7 maps

Autosuggest Enabled Map To Help Visitors Finding Their Location

Visitors effortlessly search locations on the front-end Google Maps with the autosuggest-enabled search field.

contact form 7 map

Enhance Your Maps with Stunning Snazzymaps Styles

Elevate your map presentation with CF7 Plugin for Google Maps, integrating Snazzymaps for stunning styles. Effortlessly apply the renowned beauty of Snazzymaps to your Contact Form 7 maps.

cf7 google map

Easily View User Input on Maps Directly in Your Email

The site admin gets user location inputs in the default CF7 email, along with other form data. View locations directly on Google Maps.

add googel maps cf7

Download User's Geographical Information in KML File Format.

The user's input KML file is automatically attached to the email and can be easily viewed using an online KML file viewer.

add map cf7

Tailor Google Maps to Suit Your Preferences

Easily adjust Map Types, Zoom Level, Center Location, and other attributes to fit your needs from the backend.

Backend ScreenShots

Get an idea about plugin's backend settings & all the dynamic options available with help of below slider.

Gather User Locations by Integrating Google Maps Within CF7 Forms

Integrate interactive maps, empower users to mark locations and draw areas effortlessly. Acquire precise geographical data, enhance user interaction, and personalize map styles for a superior form experience.

Discover the Top Features

  • Effortlessly Integrate Google Maps Into Contact Form 7.
  • Enable Users to Draw Areas or Routes on Maps.
  • Let Users Pinpoint Their Location on the Map with Ease.
  • Get Form Submissions with Location Details Directly to Your Email.
  • Export User Location Data as KML Files for Easy Download.
  • Tailor Map Types, Zoom, Styles, and Markers to Your Preferences.
  • Give Your CF7 Maps a Stylish Makeover with Snazzymaps Themes.
  • Search and Select Addresses with User-Friendly Convenience.
  • Select from Road, Satellite, Terrain, or Hybrid Views for Your Maps.
  • Seamless Compatibility with the Popular Contact Form 7 Plugin.

Our Customer's Testimonials

This plugin has greatly improved our Contact Form 7 experience. Users can effortlessly share their exact location using markers and shapes on a Google Map. The autosuggest enabled textbox further streamlines the location input process. It's an invaluable tool for enhancing communication and clarity on our website.

User image
Faye Kinnitt
Plugin User

This plugin has been a game-changer for our Contact Form 7. With the Google Map integration, users can now precisely indicate their location, whether it's a meeting point or delivery address. The Google autosuggest enabled textbox is a handy feature that simplifies the process. Highly recommended!

User image
Robin Banks
Plugin User

CF7 To Google Maps is a fantastic addition to Contact Form 7. It seamlessly integrates a Google Map into the form, allowing users to pinpoint their location with markers and shapes. The best part? This location data is included in the default CF7 email. It's a must-have for easy and accurate location sharing.

User image
Chris P. Bacon
Plugin User

Ready to Enhance Your Contact Forms with Maps?

Start using CF7 Google Maps today and provide a seamless location-sharing experience.