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Streamline Your Map Listings with Dynamic Filtering

Display relevant listings based on the current map view.
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Markers Filter by Viewport on Google Maps
February 21, 2024
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Plugin Features

Easily filter markers on dynamic maps, update listings in real-time, and stay prominently visible. WP Maps Pro addon brings you seamless control for an interactive and user-friendly experience on your website!

Viewport Sync

Listing Filtering

Easy Integration

Explore Your World with Dynamic Maps

This WP Maps Pro addon revolutionizes your website experience by introducing dynamic maps that adapt to your viewport. Effortlessly browse and filter markers, with real-time updates to listings. Elevate user engagement with an interactive map that seamlessly integrates with your content.

Discover the Top Features

  • Stay in sync with the viewport, ensuring users always see relevant markers.
  • Empower visitors to find what they need by dragging maps.
  • Boost conversions with an engaging map interface that keeps users interacting.
  • Tailor markers to match your brand or content, creating a visually appealing map.

Ready to Enhance Your Map Listings?

Start using Filter Map Listing by Viewport today and provide a seamless, dynamic map experience.