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Show Logged-in Users on Google Maps

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User Location Mapping on Google Maps
January 13, 2024
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Plugin Features

Transform your WordPress site into a dynamic hub! Effortlessly display and interact with user locations.

User Mapping

Real-time Updates

Privacy Controls

Explore Live User Connections on the Map

Witness the real-time locations of your logged-in website users on an interactive Google Map. Foster community engagement, streamline communication, and turn your site into a vibrant hub of connections.

Discover the Top Features

  • Instantly visualize user locations for community-building and networking.
  • Users' locations are updated in real-time, ensuring accurate and current information.
  • Empower users with customizable privacy settings to control their location visibility.
  • Seamless user location tracking and mapping on all devices for enhanced accessibility.
  • Connect with users worldwide, breaking geographical barriers effortlessly.
  • Tailor the map to match your site's aesthetics and maintain a cohesive visual experience.

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