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Optimize Your Content with Article Feedback

Collect feedback, analyze content performance, and boost user satisfaction.
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Was This Helpful Pro
June 15, 2023
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Plugin Features

Boost WordPress content engagement with our versatile feedback plugin, offering customizable forms, insightful analytics, and multilingual support for an optimal user experience.

Get feedback for blogs, website pages & any custom post type

Beautiful, customisable & ready to use feedback templates

Get text feedback from user why they find it useful / not useful

Multilingual support to cater to a Global audience

Comprehensive performance analysis with a visual pie chart

was this helpful

Collect Feedback for Posts, Pages, and Custom Posts

Embed a 'Was this helpful?' feedback form across your WordPress site's Posts, Pages, and Custom Posts, gauging user input for positive and negative insights.

wordpress feedback plugin

Toggle Feedback Option Visibility on Archives

Compile reviews from various posts by deploying the feedback form on archive pages.

article feedback

Chart-Based Content Quality Review for Admins

Get a quick performance overview with a simple chart on your WordPress dashboard for easy admin insights.

wordpress feedback form

Easily Manageable Settings for Your Feedback Form

Tailor questions and text to match your website's content with complete flexibility.

feedback form plugin wordpress

Ready To Use Feedback Form Template

Choose from ready-made templates or customize your feedback design for a seamless integration with your website's aesthetics. Tailor the feedback button, template, and display to ensure a consistent user experience.

wp feedback plugin

Pinpointing Causes Behind Negative Feedback

Uncover the reasons behind negative feedback with Was This Helpful Pro, offering insights into common reasons visitors find a post/page helpful or not.

Backend ScreenShots

Get an idea about plugin's backend settings & all the dynamic options available with help of below slider.

Elevate Website Content Through User Feedback Collection

Gather, analyze, and enhance with Was This Helpful Pro, the must-have Plugin for efficiently collecting valuable feedback on website content and optimizing user satisfaction.

Discover the Top Features

  • Customize the Template to Perfectly Match Your Website's Appearance
  • Gather Feedback for Blogs, Pages, and Custom Posts
  • Detailed Performance Analysis Presented Through Visual Pie Charts
  • Spotlight High-Performing Content through Feedback Evaluation
  • Uncover Reasons Behind Negative Feedback for Continuous Improvement
  • Global Audience? We've Got You Covered with Multilingual Support
  • Promote Sharing and Collect Positive Feedback
  • Gain Visitor Insights with Feedback Templates
  • Download Feedback for In-Depth Quality Analysis

Our Customer's Testimonials

WOW, this plugin's feedback section, featuring "Yes" and "No" buttons and the query "Was this helpful?" has significantly increased user engagement. What sets it apart is the ability to collect specific feedback on content quality directly from our site visitors. As site admins, we can access this valuable feedback in the backend, allowing us to make continuous improvements to our content. It's a comprehensive system that provides great insights into what users think about our website.

User image
Eileen Dover
Plugin User

Was this helpful Pro" has made a significant impact on our WordPress site. It has encouraged user engagement and provided us with valuable insights. Site visitors can share feedback on content shortcomings, and as site admins, we have direct access to their inputs in the backend. It's a complete system for gathering user feedback about content quality, and it has allowed us to gradually and consistently improve our website's content. Highly recommended!

User image
Dex Turz
Plugin User

This plugin has allowed us to continuously enhance the quality of our website content. Site users can even share specific feedback on what they found lacking in the content. The beauty is that all this valuable feedback is readily available to site admins, enabling us to make informed improvements. It's a complete system for collecting user feedback, boosting engagement, & refining content quality. Thanks to this plugin, we've seen significant improvements in our website's content.

User image
Ann Chovey
Plugin User

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