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Sell Gift Cards Online with WooCommerce

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WooCommerce Ecards Pro
December 15, 2023
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Plugin Features

Easily create and sell e-gift cards online, allowing your customers to sell their gift cards instantly or schedule them for future delivery. With our user-friendly WordPress ecard plugin, you can effortlessly set up a platform to sell ecards, turning your store into a hub for personalized and thoughtful digital greetings.

Create, Sell, And Manage Ecards Within WooCommerce

Engage Customers with Ecard Previews in Pop-ups

Collect Recipient Details and Delivery Dates on Product Page

Easily Modify Ecard Content After Adding to Cart

Customers Schedule Future Delivery Dates for Ecards

Send Free Ecards to Customers and Website Users

Buy and Send Ecard Online

Empower Your Customers: Enable Personalized Ecard Sending!

Capture Recipient Details and Ecard Preferences through a User-Friendly Form on the Product Page. Buyers Simply Fill Out the Form, Specify the Ecard's Delivery Date, and Voila! On the Scheduled Day, Our Plugin Ensures the Perfect Ecard Experience by Sending it Directly to the Recipient's Email.

Live Preview of Your Custom eCard

Experience Ecard Previews in a Pop-up!

On the Ecard Product Details Page, Craft a Personalized Message, and Witness the Magic Unfold with a Real-time Preview of Your Ecard Email.

Modify Ecard Details Easily in Your Cart!

Edit Ecard Details Right from Your Cart

Tweak Your Ecard Details on the Cart Page, Perfectly Tailoring the Heading and Message. Witness the Transformation with a Final Ecard Preview, All in One Seamless Cart Experience.

Send Free Ecards to Your Website Users

Gift Free Ecards to Your Website Users!

Beyond Revenue: Site Admins, Unleash the Power of Connection! Seamlessly Send Occasional Ecards to Your Website Users for Free, All Managed Effortlessly from the Back-end with Our Versatile Plugin.

 Identify Regular and Ecard Products with Ease

Showcase Ecards on Products and Orders Listing Page

Streamline Identification and Swift Access to Ecard Products and Orders. Elevate Visibility on the Listing Page with the Seamless Assistance of Ecard Pro.

Easily Manage Your Ecard Form Labels

Effortlessly Customize Form Labels and Settings

Personalize Every Detail, from Form Field Labels to Settings, Aligning them with Your Unique Vision. Tailor the Ecard Form Experience for a Seamless and Distinctly Personalized Interaction with Your Users.

Backend ScreenShots

Get an idea about plugin's backend settings & all the dynamic options available with help of below slider.

Your Plugin to Creating and Selling Personalized Ecards with WooCommerce

Feature-rich solution within WooCommerce, allowing effortless creation, customization, and sale of ecards. With captivating previews, scheduled delivery, and convenient updates, it enhances customer engagement and revenue generation.

Discover the Top Features

  • Sell e-gift cards online, turning your WooCommerce store into a revenue-generating powerhouse.
  • Allow buyers to send custom e-cards, creating a unique and memorable connection with recipients.
  • Schedule e-card deliveries for future occasions, providing convenience and timely surprises.
  • Delight users with live previews, offering a sneak peek into the charm of their chosen e-card.
  • Effortlessly update e-card details directly from the cart page, ensuring flexibility for buyers.
  • Empower site admins to send free ecards to website users, fostering community and connection.
  • Highlight e-card products and orders on listing pages, ensuring easy identification and quick access.
  • Customize form labels and settings to align with unique requirements, providing a personalized user experience.
  • Integrate seamlessly with WordPress, transforming your site into a dynamic e-card platform with WP Ecards plugin.
  • Offer a hassle-free experience for users to buy and manage ecards, ensuring ease of navigation.
  • Clearly distinguish between regular and e-card products, streamlining the user's shopping experience.
  • Provide a fully managed e-card experience from purchase to delivery, ensuring a smooth process for users.

Thank to the author for this plugin. Not only does it enhance the user experience by allowing customers to send heartfelt e-cards for special occasions on future dates and creating a lucrative revenue stream for me, but it also allows me to send free ecards to my own website users during festivals like Christmas or Easter. The versatility & potential for profit make this an invaluable addition to any WordPress site. It's very useful for me, & I highly recommend it.

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Beau Baird
Plugin User

WooCommerce Ecards Pro has become an integral part of our WordPress website. This plugin empowers us to create and send e-cards for a variety of occasions effortlessly. Whether it's a heartfelt birthday wish or a festive Christmas greeting, this plugin covers it all. The flexibility to schedule ecard deliveries on specific dates adds a personal touch, making it ideal for site owners looking to connect with their users during special moments.

User image
Cristopher Sosa
Plugin User

This plugin enables us to create and sell e-cards directly from our WooCommerce site, offering a unique way for customers to send greetings for various occasions. The user-friendly interface and the option for buyers to schedule ecard deliveries on future dates enhance the overall shopping experience of my website customers. A must have plugin for every WordPress site to greet them on occasions via e-card email and that too for free.

User image
Allen Leblanc
Plugin User

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