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Your Ultimate WordPress Age Verification Solution

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WP Age Gate Pro
June 12, 2023
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Plugin Features

Ensure Compliance and Enhance User Experience with WP Age Gate Pro, the Leading Age Verification Plugin for WordPress. Seamlessly verify visitor age before revealing age-restricted content, making it an essential tool for websites dealing with age-sensitive products and services.

Effortlessly Restrict Display of Your Complete Website Content

Restrict Display of Posts, Pages, and Custom Post Types

Enables Restriction of Display for Age-Sensitive Products in WooCommerce

Unleash Beautifully Crafted Templates for Your Age Verification Forms

Set and Manage a Customizable Minimum Age

Easy Management of Remember Days

age verification plugin wordpress

Prompting and Validating the Current Age of Your Website Visitors

Upon website loading, our plugin requests the visitor's current age. Should the age fall below the specified restriction, WP Age Gate Pro promptly displays a notification, preventing access to the actual website content for a secure and compliant user experience. If the visitor's age is greater than the restricted age, our plugin's popup disappears automatically & the actual page content is displayed.

age gate plugin wordpress

Tailor Age Inquiries SiteWide or Target Specific Pages/Posts

Showcase the age verification form across your entire website or selectively on chosen pages or blog posts housing age-restricted content. Site administrators can easily configure where they want to display the age verification form.

age restriction wordpress plugin

Captivate Audiences with 10+ Stunning and Responsive Pop-Up Templates

Explore Industry-Specific Designs, Including Templates for Alcohol, Tobacco, E-Cigarettes, Gambling, Vaping, Knives, and Fireworks – All Ready for Immediate Use.

age verification popup wordpress

Fully Mangeable Plugin Settings

Site administrators can effortlessly set the minimum age required to access the website content from the backend. Additionally, control the duration of visitor recognition post-age verification

UI Flexibility and Customization

You can customize the appearance of the templates. Site admins can update the popup image & popup background image according to website's branding and style. This flexibility allows you to tailor the plugin to your specific needs and requirements. Site admin can also apply beautiful image filters on the popup background image.

Backend ScreenShots

Get an idea about plugin's backend settings & all the dynamic options available with help of below slider.

Age Verification System For WordPress Websites

Essential for WordPress Websites Dealing with Age-Restricted Content, Products, or Services. WP Age Gate Pro: The Must-Have Plugin that Prioritizes Security by Verifying User Age Before Granting Access to Your Website's Exclusive Content.

Discover the Top Features

  • Age verification for posts, pages, and custom post types.
  • Age restriction for WooCommerce products and categories.
  • Multiple responsive templates for the age gate popup.
  • WPML compatibility for multilingual support.
  • Customizable redirect options for underage visitors.
  • Developer-friendly with customizable conditions and settings.
  • Customizable design and appearance of the age gate pro.
  • Enhanced website security by restricting access to sensitive content.
  • Options to set minimum age requirements for content access.
  • User-friendly interface with easy setup and configuration.

We extend our gratitude to the Flippercode team for developing WP Age Gate Pro. This plugin has become a mandatory component of our website, given the nature of our content. It's a simple and reliable solution for age verification that seamlessly integrates with our site. Thanks to this plugin, we can maintain the integrity of our content and provide a safe online environment for our visitors.

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Quentin Pennington
Plugin User

For websites like ours that feature age-restricted content, WP Age Gate Pro is an essential addition. It's a straightforward yet effective plugin that helps us ensure compliance with age-related regulations and safety for our visitors. With this plugin, we can confidently provide age verification for our users, allowing us to responsibly manage our content and protect our audience.

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Bailey Love
Plugin User

WP Age Gate Pro has become an indispensable tool for our website, especially since we display age-restricted content. It ensures that visitors are of legal age to access our content by displaying a simple age verification popup. If a visitor is underage, they are prevented from viewing the actual website content. This plugin provides us with the necessary age gate functionality, and we're grateful to the Flippercode team for creating such a valuable tool.

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Tamara Mccormick
Plugin User

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