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WP Core Emails Pro
June 13, 2023
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Plugin Features

Swap out plain default core emails for captivating HTML alternatives! Enhance user engagement with visually appealing content using WP Core Emails Pro.

Shift from WP's Text-Based Emails to Dynamic HTML

Modify The Content Of WordPress's Core Emails

Add Your Company's Logo For Consistent Branding

Customize Email Template To Match Website Branding

SMTP Settings For Sending Safe Emails

Customize Emails Across the WordPress Multi-Site Network

Text Emails To HTML Emails

Our plugin automatically applies a beautiful HTML template to default plain text based core emails of WordPress

Override WordPress Default Email Content

With the ability to personalize the content of your default emails, you can create a tailored and unique user experience. By crafting customized emails, you can make your users feel valued and appreciated, fostering stronger connections and encouraging their continued engagement.

Customise Email Template According To Branding

To better match the emails with your website's current branding, we have added options in the backend to customise the email template colors according to your requirements. You can also add your company's logo to email template. This branding consistency reinforces your brand identity and helps recipients easily recognize and connect with your emails.

Backend ScreenShots

Get an idea about plugin's backend settings & all the dynamic options available with help of below slider.

Transform Plain Text to Stunning HTML Emails with WP Core Emails Pro

Say goodbye to mundane WordPress emails! Elevate user experience by sending visually stunning HTML emails tailored to your brand. Use WP Core Emails Pro for customizable and branded WordPress communication.

Discover the Top Features

  • Customizable Admin Email: Effortlessly change your WordPress admin email without the hassle of confirmation emails.
  • Tailored User Registration Emails: Craft personalized emails for new user registrations, ensuring a unique and branded onboarding experience.
  • Editable WordPress Default Email Content: Take control of your default email content, ensuring that every message reflects your brand's identity.
  • Versatile Default Email Settings: Customize default email settings to align with your website's tone and branding.
  • User-Friendly Email Editing: Edit and personalize emails with user-friendly features, making the customization process accessible to all.
  • Simplify the editing process for all WordPress emails, ensuring a consistent and professional look across your communication.

Our Customer's Testimonials

WP Core Emails Pro has exceeded our expectations. Default plain-text emails just didn't align with our brand and user experience goals. This plugin has completely transformed our email communication by enabling HTML templates for core emails. The added benefit of customizing email content has allowed us to create personalized, visually appealing messages that resonate with our site users. It's an absolute must-have for any WordPress website. With WP Core Emails Pro, we can confidently send beautiful, user-friendly emails.

User image
Ivana Tinkle
Plugin User

AWESOME plugin I must say. In today's digital age, user-friendly and visually appealing emails are crucial for effective communication. This plugin has revolutionized our email strategy by allowing us to apply HTML templates to core emails. It's incredibly user-friendly, and the ability to customize email content is a incredible. We can now send personalized, beautifully designed emails to our users when they register, reset their passwords, or engage with our content through comments.

User image
Mona Lott
Plugin User

WP Core Emails Pro has been a must have for our WordPress website. This plugin effortlessly applies HTML templates to almost all core emails generated by WordPress itself, allowing us to send beautifully designed, user-friendly messages that align perfectly with our site's branding. What's more, the ability to update email content has added a whole new level of personalization to our communication. I am very impressed with this plugin. Thank you team flippercode for creating this plugin.

User image
Brian Baker
Plugin User

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