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The Most Advanced Open Source Maps Plugin For Wordpress

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WP Leaflet Maps Pro
June 21, 2023
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Plugin Features

Beautiful and responsive maps powered by Leaflet. Integrated with OpenStreetMaps, MapBox, MapQuest & Bing.

Create Stunning Maps Using The Free OpenStreetMaps Api

Utilize Mapbox, Mapquest & Bing Apis To Create Maps

Display Places & Custom Post Types Directly On The Map

Display Listings Content Using Dynamic Placeholders

Display InfoWindow Content Using Dynamic Placeholders

Customisable UI For Listing & Infowindow

Users Can Filter Markers & Listing Based On Categories

Create Dynamic Custom Filters & Show Them

Fully Scalable, Extensible & Customisable Plugin

Display Beautiful Maps With No API Charges

With this all in one maps plugin, you can create beautiful opensource maps using OpenStreetMaps API which is free to use with no billing.

Multi-Platform Maps Integration

With WP Leaflet Maps Pro's support for multiple map integrations (OpenStreetMap, MapBox, Bing Maps, and MapQuest), versatile markers (markers, lines, and polygons), and customizable map styles, you can create visually stunning and tailored maps that perfectly align with your WordPress site.

Interactive Map Experience

Users can easily access additional details within info windows, filter markers based on their preferences and enhance visual appeal with eye-catching marker animations, resulting in a rich and interactive map experience.

Display Listing & Filters

Each entry in the listing below map corresponds to / is associated to / represents a marker displayed on the map. Customise the UI or choose any design template of your choice for the listing.

Infowindow Designs

Website admins can choose infowindow design in the backend and display dynamic data in it with the help of placeholders.

Users Can Filters Markers By Category

This is the most userful filter for website visitors. They can filter the markers & listings according to their marker category. Category filter can be displayed as checkbox listing & in the form of dropdown.

Multiple Designs of Listing

This plugins offers full flexibility to choose design of your choice for the listing of locations below map. All the designs are resposive & beautiful. They can be applied easily for displaying all the dynamic data of locations.

Backend ScreenShots

Get an idea about plugin's backend settings & all the dynamic options available with help of below slider.

Open Source Leaflet API Based Maps Plugin For WP

This Plugin allows you to create stunning and interactive maps. With support for multiple map types, marker customization, and responsive design, it offers unparalleled flexibility.

Discover the Top Features

  • Display Any Custom Type Data On Map
  • Display Data With ACF fields
  • Beautiful and Responsive Maps
  • Multiple Map Integrations
  • Marker Customization
  • Interactive Info Windows
  • User-Friendly Filtering
  • Eye-Catching Marker Animations

WP Leaflet Maps Pro has transformed our mapping experience. It's effortless to use, integrates Leaflet maps seamlessly, and supports major APIs. The plugin's added features like map filters and listing records make it robust. It's a top-notch choice for open-source mapping in WordPress.

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Noah Lott
Plugin User

WP Leaflet Maps Pro is a standout plugin for WordPress mapping needs. It smoothly incorporates interactive Leaflet maps and supports Mapbox, Mapquest, and Bing APIs. With map filters and listing records, it's feature-packed. Its customizability and extensibility make it a go-to for open-source mapping.

User image
Ave Rill
Plugin User

WP Leaflet Maps Pro takes our website's mapping to the next level. It's user-friendly and seamlessly integrates interactive maps using Leaflet. Supporting Mapbox, Mapquest, and Bing APIs, it offers diverse mapping options. The addition of map filters and listing records enhances functionality, and it's customizable to fit our needs. This plugin is a top choice for open-source mapping.

User image
Leigh King
Plugin User

Get this ALL IN ONE plugin and look no further

We also have dedicated support team which will assist you in setting up the plugin according to your requirements.