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How to convert a product to an eCard?

Sandeep Kumar Mishra
Sandeep Kumar Mishra
November 22, 2016
5 minutes read

eCard is a electronic card to send online greeting messages with image to your friends & family. Using this plugin, visitors can send ecards for any occasion. Visitors can schedule ecards to send in future date as well to make sure they don’t miss any event.It’s super easy to convert your existing products to an ecard.

Convert a product to an eCard

  • Add a Product

    Start by adding a new product in WooCommerce. Go to WooCommerce > Products > Add New.
  • Enter Product Information

    Provide relevant information about the product, including the product title, product rate, product description, product image, and any other necessary details.
  • Enable eCard Conversion

    To convert the product into an eCard, enable the checkbox labeled Convert To Ecard? on the right side of the product settings page.

    Convert To eCard
  • Publish the Product

    Click the “Publish” button to save the product with eCard conversion enabled.
  • View the eCard

    After publishing, go to the WordPress dashboard and click on Visit Store. You’ll be able to see your product, now converted into an eCard.

Enter Recipient information , message and click Add To Cart.

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