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Plugin Docs

Below is easy to understand docs archive to get you started with our plugins.
HTML Markers For Google Maps

HTML Markers for Enhanced Interactivity In Google Maps!

WordPress Users on Google Maps

Showcase Your WordPress Users on Google Maps

User Location Mapping on Google Maps

Show Logged-in Users on Google Maps

Search Widget for Google Maps

Google Maps Widget for Seamless Search and Discovery

Nearby Amenities Listing on Google Maps

Search Nearby Amenities on Google Maps

Location Bookmarking for Google Maps

Location Bookmarking Made Easy

Listing Design for Google Maps

Get Access of Multiple Google Maps Listings Themes

Customer Itinerary Planner for Google Maps

Itinerary Planner for Google Maps

Markers Filter by Viewport on Google Maps

Navigate, Explore, and Engage - Your World, Your Way!

MySQL Data on Google Maps

Integrate MySQL Data into Google Maps

Contact Form 7 Submissions on Google Maps

Show Contact Form 7 Submissions into Google Maps

JSON Data on Google Maps

Build Dynamic Google Maps from JSON Entries

Gravity Form Submissions on Google Maps

Transform Gravity Form Submissions into Interactive Maps

Excel Data on Google Maps

Transform Your Excel Data into Stunning Google Maps

Custom Map Colors for Google Maps

Apply Vibrant Custom Colors for Google Maps

BuddyPress Members on Google Maps

Display BuddyPress Members on Google Maps

Airtable Data on Google Maps

Integrate Airtable Data with Google Maps for Dynamic Location Displays

WP Maps Pro Data Migration

Migrate Your WP Maps Pro Data Easily

Frontend Submissions on Google Maps

Create User-Generated Maps Easily

WooCommerce Cart Restrictions

Stops WooCommerce store customers from adding the products to the cart if they provided a zipcode / pincode where your store does not deliver.

Docs Viewer for WordPress

Integrate MS Doc Viewer with the listing generated by WP Display Files Pro plugin.

Sheet Viewer for WordPress

Allows visitors to view and read excel sheet content inside a popup in the listing generated by WP Display Files Pro plugin.

PDF Viewer for WordPress

Allows visitors to view pdf files content in popup from the listing generated by WP Display Files Pro plugin.

Audio & Video Player for WordPress

Unlock Seamless Multimedia Experiences with Our All-in-One WordPress Media Player Plugin.

WooCommerce Ecards Pro

Empowering Your Greetings with Easy Creation, Dynamic Previews, and Complete Customization.

WP Age Gate Pro

Unlock Responsible Content Delivery with WP Age Gate Pro – Your Key to Age-Verified Website Access on WordPress

WP Posts Pro

WP Posts Pro: Elevate Your Content Display with Unparalleled Flexibility and Stunning Designs

WC Store Locator Pro

Map Your Brand Presence: Showcase Your WooCommerce Stores on Google Maps.

WooCommerce Reminder Pro

Maximize Revenue, Foster Loyalty, and Boost Conversions with WooCommerce Reminder Pro!

WP Core Emails Pro

Apply Beautiful & Customizable Email Template To WordPress's Generated Plain & Text Emails.

WooCommerce Delivery Area Pro

Verify Product Delivery Before Placing Orders with Ease!


WP GDPR Pro: Simplifying GDPR Compliance, Protecting User Data, Cookie Acceptance & More

WP Security Questions Pro

Take Control of Your Website Security with WP Security Questions Pro!

Was This Helpful Pro

Maximize content impact, captivate your audience, and glean valuable insights through feedback.

WP Display Files

Showcase File & Folder Directories seamlessly from Cloud Giants: Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, and AWS S3.

CF7 Google Maps

CF7 Plugin for Google Maps: Simplify Form Submissions with Interactive Google Maps Integration