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WooCommerce + Elementor – Let’s Build Cool Stuff

Sandeep Kumar Mishra
Sandeep Kumar Mishra
August 5, 2022
5 minutes read
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WooCommerce + Elementor – Let’s Build Cool Stuff

Running a small niche business on WooCommerce? That’s great to hear. What about building an attractive website that can attract online users? For small businesses, hiring a WooCommerce designer can be expensive because they charge anywhere between $15 to $28 for an hour of work.

A better alternative is to design the WooCommerce site yourself with a page-building tool like WooCommerce Elementor. Why the Elementor tool? This WordPress plugin is used by nearly 16% of all WordPress sites and has over 2 million active installations.

Here is everything you need to know about Elementor for WooCommerce sites and how it can help you build the coolest websites!

What is Elementor?

The WooCommerce Elementor plugin is a drag-and-drop page-building tool available for WordPress sites. With this plugin, you can easily design and develop creative, beautiful web pages without writing any code. Elementor is a visual editing tool that enables website owners to create an entire website quickly from scratch.

Here are some reasons why you should use the WordPress WooCommerce Elementor tool to design your website:

  • Elementor has over 90 built-in widgets to add website elements like links, buttons, star ratings, and menus.
  • It can organize your website pages easily and configure their individual settings.
  • You can use Elementor to control your entire WordPress website from a single platform.
  • Its live visual builder with drag-and-drop functionality is easy to learn and use.
  • Using Elementor does not require any coding knowledge in CSS and HTML.

What are some of the “coolest” Elementor features that make it the right choice for WooCommerce sites? Let’s discuss these next.

6 Elementor Features that make it the Best Page Builder tool

With the Elementor tool, you can replace the basic WordPress editor with a live frontend UI editor. Elementor’s user interface is simple and intuitive and can be used by any beginner. But that’s not its only advantage. Elementor also uses the latest technologies to create a fast design experience without any technical glitches.

Here are 6 features of the WooCommerce Elementor tool that sets it apart from other page builder tools:

  1. Extensive pre-built template library

    Templates are pre-built website blocks and pages that can help you quickly create a website from scratch. While blocks are pre-designed sections with elements like headers, footers, and FAQs, pages represent a complete webpage layout. An example of a block is the “Contact Us” section.

    You can choose from over 300 pre-built templates from the Elementor library and use them on your WordPress site. What’s even better is that you can create your templates and reuse them on other pages or websites.

  2. Responsive mobile design

    As more mobile users browse the internet, websites require a responsive design to be compatible with all devices. With the Elementor page builder tool, every webpage (or website) that you create is automatically generated in a responsive design form, thus making it suitable for mobile users.

    You can also use the “responsive mode” functionality of Elementor to preview your website as a desktop, mobile, or tablet version. Additionally, you can customize your webpage to show (or hide) widgets or elements on selected devices. For example, you can choose to hide an image from displaying on mobile devices.

  3. Form widgets

    With the Elementor “Form widget” feature, you no longer need a separate form plugin to design online forms for your website. You can use the “Form widget” to design a variety of forms including “Contact Us” forms and for lead generation. You can also connect your online forms to your CRM tool or email marketing tool.

    In addition, you can directly preview your form from the WordPress dashboard and configure the default email notifications and messages if needed.

  4. Layout controls

    Without writing any custom code, Elementor provides complete control of your website or webpage layout. You can easily add and position layout controls at the exact location by using this tool.

    Elementor enables you to design your entire webpage with the following 3 parts:

    • Sections that divide the page into horizontal rows
    • Columns that divide each section into vertical columns
    • Widgets are used to add content within each column

    You can also set the margin and padding dimension for each section, column, and widget.

  5. Theme Builder

    Elementor’s “Theme Builder” is a visual editor tool, which you can use to design your entire WooCommerce site. With the “Theme Builder” functionality, you can design custom theme templates for different parts of your website including headers, footers, blog posts, and archived pages.

    Thanks to this feature, you no longer need to install a separate WordPress theme on your website. For beginners, Elementor provides the free “Hello” theme that acts as the base theme for your website design. For advanced features, you can use the “Advanced Custom Fields” plugin to add dynamic site content from custom fields.

  6. Built-in integrations

    With this feature, you can integrate your WooCommerce site with a host of third-party tools. For instance, you can connect your “Form Widget” to email services like MailChimp and HubSpot. Elementor can also integrate your WordPress site with other plugins, marketing tools, CRM, and social networks.

    Some of the popular WordPress plugins that can be integrated using Elementor include Yoast, SEOPress, LearnDash, and PeachPay.

Still not convinced about the value of Elementor? Here are some more bonus features of the Elementor tool to help you make up your mind.

“Bonus” Elementor Features

  • Supports over 23 language translations, which enables your users to view your website content in their preferred language.
  • The Popup Builder tool enables you to build lightweight popups, notification bars, slide-ins, and full-screen fillers.
  • The inline text editing feature enables you to edit inline text that is presented on the screen.
  • Over 800 Google fonts to design your WooCommerce site with global colors and typography.
  • Built-in maintenance mode templates to switch your WordPress site to maintenance mode.
  • Using Elementor, you can add and customize product pages on eCommerce stores to boost online sales and engagement.

Next, let’s review the features of the Elementor Pro tool and its pricing.

Reviewing the Elementor Pro tool

To get started with the Elementor page builder tool, you can first install its free version. This tool provides access to most of the plugin’s visual editing features and can help you create beautiful website designs.

Once you are comfortable using the free Elementor version, you can upgrade to the premium Elementor Pro tool, which provides a host of additional functionalities. For instance, you can build a new WordPress theme with this tool and access high-quality design templates.

Here are some of the advanced functionalities available only with the Elementor Pro tool:

  • Additional widgets including sliders, social media sharing buttons, forms, and countdown timers
  • The “Form Widget” tool and its various integrations
  • WordPress theme and popup builder
  • Landing page builder
  • WooCommerce builder tool to design product templates
  • Global settings for controlling the design palette across the entire website
  • The visual form builder tool
  • Additional design options including scrolling effects and customized layouts
  • Support for dynamic content from other plugins

How is the Elementor Pro tool priced? Let’s check that out next.

Reviewing Elementor Pro Price

For a basic WooCommerce website, the free version of the Elementor tool should be sufficient for most web design needs.

If you want to create a more feature-rich and professional website, you can opt for any of the four premium Elementor Pro plans. The premium plan for Elementor Pro starts at $49 (for one website).

Here are the 4 premium plans available with Elementor Pro:

Essential planExpert planStudio planAgency plan
· 1 website

· $49 for a year

· 25 websites

· $199 for a year

· 100 websites

· $499 for a year

· 1000 websites

· $999 for a year

Besides these 4 Elementor Pro plans, you can also choose to purchase the plan for 3 websites. This is priced at $99 for a year.


The Elementor page builder tool provides all the essential features you need to build a WordPress website or WooCommerce online store from scratch. With its user-friendly and intuitive GUI, you can build fast, responsive, and beautiful websites without any coding skills.

A wide range of functionalities are available in both free and paid plans of the WordPress Elementor tool. Choose the version that best suits your personal budget and needs. In the future, the Elementor team is likely to add more features to this popular plugin, which can enrich your website’s design. Hence, we highly recommend this page builder tool to create (or improve) your WordPress site.

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