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How To Manage GDPR Frontend Submited Requests

Sandeep Kumar Mishra
Sandeep Kumar Mishra
November 16, 2021
5 minutes read

This step-by-step guide will equip you with the skills to effectively manage and respond to GDPR requests, ensuring transparency, compliance, and a user-centric approach. Join us in navigating the intricacies of frontend submissions, empowering your platform with a seamless and responsible data management system.

Follow these simple steps to set up this plugin:

Step 1: Install & Activate WP GDPR Pro Plugin.

Step 2: Please navigate to the “GDPR Request Management” menu page. Here you will see a list of all frontend submitted requests are displayed on this page.

Step 3: Please click on any request’s edit button to manage that request.

Step 4: In the edit request page please scroll down to the “Reply To User”  meta box and insert text as per your request.

Step 5: After inserting the user’s reply in this meta box please click on the “Send Reply” button. And your reply is sent to this selected request’s user.


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