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How to Add Bulk Addresses on your WordPress Website’s Map

Sandeep Kumar Mishra
Sandeep Kumar Mishra
November 6, 2021
5 minutes read
How to Add Bulk Addresses on your WordPress Website’s Map

Suppose you are the owner of the product company and you have address and name of your customers who have purchased your product and now you want to show location of all customers on your website’s map .this can be done by using Geocoding process

The process of converting any street addresses like (1103 North Washington, Beeville, TX  78102) into geographic coordinates (like latitude 28.074117 and longitude -97.793364) is called geocoding. You can use geo codes to place markers on a map or position the map. Now the question is how to find geocodes? You can find geocodes directly from Google Map but if your address data is in bulk then it is a repetitive and time-consuming process. There are some online tools that can be used for converting bulk address data into geocodes.

Now we will talk about the best and simple geocoding tool. And show you step by step process to convert address data for geocodes and adding these locations to your website’s map.

Converting address data into Geocodes

1. First of all open website http://www.findlatitudeandlongitude.com/batch-geocode/. It is free and you can convert hundreds of addresses into geocodes quickly

2. Concatenate the address fields together in Excel with the formula CONCATENATE (TRIM (Address),”,” ,TRIM (City),”,”, TRIM (State),” “, TRIM (Zip)). The CONCATENATE function allows you to combine text from different cells into one cell.

concatinate formula

3. Copy all of the rows in the new “Full Address” column.

4. Now paste the data you have copied from Excel above into input box of Batch Geocoding website, one address per line.

input adress data

5. Select the desired outputs via the checkboxes in the “Batch Geocode Output Fields” box.

6. Choose whether or not to include failed geocodes in your output via the checkbox in the “Batch Geocode Settings” box.

7. Now click on ‘geocode’ button to get the geocodes output

mange locations

8. Copy all records from the Output box and paste into Notepad


9. Save the Notepad file in txt format

10. Open the TXT file in Excel

11. Follow the steps of text import wizard

12. Now select the “comma” from the Delimiter check boxes. And it will output your desired file.


13. This tool is not going to be 100% accurate, because the addresses may not exist, but it does tell you how well it was able to match the records.

Adding addresses to your website’s Google Map

1. After this process, you have an excel file that has longitudes as well as latitudes for your addresses.

2. Now add two column Draggable, Disable Info window to your CSV file. You can keep them blank.

3. Create the Message column to display your desired message on the map marker.

display any msg

4. Install and activate Wp Google Map Plugins on your WordPress website where you want to add these addresses.

5. First of all, go to dashboard and click on WP Google Map –>Import Location

import location

6. From Import Locations just chose your .csv file and click on import location button.

import location

7. Now click on Manage Locations. Here you will see all your .csv file address data.

manage location


8. Now click on Create Map option and create a Map by selecting all these locations.

9. Now go to Manage Map and copy the Shortcode of your created map and paste it into post or page where you want to display your map.

display any massge

That’s all. this is the most simple way to display your address data on your website’s map

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